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Necessary Healthy measures

As we are going through a difficult period, we need to inform you about the healthy measures we take on our family estate for your safety and your serenity.

We disinfect glasses after each tasting.

We have disposable gloves and hydro alcoholic solution for you. 

We also clean and disinfect tablesfloor, door handles, toilets and switches  every days.

The tasting room is a crossing place with a door going into the street and another one going into the garden. 
Then, if you feel like having your tasting of wine outside, it is possible in the adjoining garden. 
You can also have a shaded picnic area, next to the river, at your disposal! 

Our wine walks and other events can be organized for private groups. 

When you visit the vineyard, you walk through large green spaces where the "physical distancing" is very easy and just natural! 


Please, do not hesitate to contact us for any further information!

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