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“Le vin est le miroir de l'Homme.”


Le domaine du Vieux Chai Domaine du Vieux Chai is a wine-maker family estate for 5 generations. Our Grand father and our parents passed on the passionto practice this beautiful work!
Our vines are located in the Natural park of Languedoc, in the heart of the Orb Valley around the charming tiny medieval village of Ceps, on the “terroir” of Saint-Chinian-Roquebrun. 10 hectares filled of vines on wire & vines of all ages. Our grapes is picked by hand and, we vinify in our grand-father traditional cellar wine. We produce 5 different red wines, one rose, one white and a delicious cartagene; the aperitif from Languedocest une exploitation familiale menée dans le respect et la tradition du terroir depuis cinq générations.
Nourries par la  passion de notre grand-père et de nos parents, nous a
vons grandi moi et ma sœur dans un esprit  familial guidé par un profond attachement à la terre.

Notre vignoble se situe dans la partie méridionale du Parc Naturel Régional du Haut-Languedoc, autour du charmant hameau de Ceps, sur le terroir de Roquebrun - Saint-Chinian, étendu pour l'essentiel en petites parcelles entourées de garrigue; ciste, menthe sauvage, thym, romarin, genévrier...

Cultures anciennes (80 à 90 ans d'âge) et vignes palissées, le domaine s’étend sur 10 hectares de vignes, pour l’essentiel classées en AOC.

Toutes nos cuvées sont vinifiées dans la cave traditionnelle et la récolte de nos vins en bouteille se fait à la main.


Our olive grove : Our olive grove has around 50 traditional trees, about 100 years old! They produce the typical olive from Herault called Lucques. It is an hand picking harvest.
Its oil is soft and really fruity!

Découvrez l'histoire de nos Cuvées ...

The first white wine from our family vineyard!

A 100% Viognier wine.

The Viognier variety grows on clay calcareous soil.

That white wine is very soft and refreshing.
A peer and pineapple palate with a note of white flowers.

Perfect for the aperitif, grilled fish and curry food

Rosé de Ceps

Rosé Cinsault-Grenache

Rose Syrah-Grenache

Ancre 1

A colored Rose by its blending; 50% Syrah & 50% Grenache on calcareous soil.

The young Syrah and the old Grenache are coming perfectly together to offer a well balanced Rose wine!

We use to have a Skin maceration.

Soft, very fruity, well-rounded & generous! it is very good with grilled fish & meat, charcuterie, Mediterranean food! Perfect for the aperitif!


Traditional vintage from the vineyard; 100% Carignan.
Carignan  is one of the oldest variety of grape from the Languedoc. From old bush vines, we selcet our best grapes, mainly on schisty soil . We do a10 days maceration half-carbonic.
It is the first vintage our grand-father was making.
On old vines, Carignan produces thin tanin and concentred aromas.
The tasting is full of black & red fruits; plum, black sherry. A lots of character, appealing & good to keep!

Vieux Ceps-Carignan

Carignan Vieilles Vignes

The original blending of Syrah,  Carignan & some Grenache; a unique and lively vintage.
Calcareous & clay soil, 21 days maceration. Red fruits complements the black fruits.

Soft tannins, deep color, it is perfect with charcuterie, roast meat, goat cheese.

Joli Ceps

Joli Ceps

Terrasses de Ceps

Our first vintage with the Appellation (AOP) Saint-Chinian! We planted thouse vines with our parents.
70% Syrah, 20% blanck Grenache & 10% Carignan, mainly on shisty, sloping vines only, southern exposition.

We do a 21 days maceration. Syrah has been matured in 3 years oak barrel for 12 months.


Deep red color with purple glints, blackberry & blackcurrant nose,spicy & garrigue perfume. Really good on wild game & cheese.

Terrasses de Ceps

Petits Ceps

Ancre 2

A traditional wine; light and with note of raspberry aromas;  a blending of ancien & big berries like Aramaon & Cinsault with a little of Carignan and Grenache.

The vines grow on calcareous soil. A 8 days maceration.

It is a kind of "red-rosé" wine, you drink it young and serve it a little bit cool.
 it is very good with charcuterie, grilled fish & it is perfect for the aperitif!

1001 Ceps

Mille et un Ceps

Here you will have the frist 1001 vines getting the Appelation Saint-Chinian-Roquebrun!

50% Syrah, 50% Grenache on 100% schisty soil, it is our top of the range with a one month maceration, matured in first year oak barrels for 12 months.

Spicy, grilled toast & garrigue nose, soft, smouthy with a lots of delicacy. Excellent wine to age!

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